As the modern society gets more hectic and fast paced everyday, hiring a domestic worker seems to be an astute choice. Despite so, there are multitudes of intricacies waiting to be unfurled when hiring a domestic worker. With so many prerequisites and specialties to be fulfilled, proffering domestic helpers to the general public is not as easy as most ventures in entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, great men rejoice in adversity, just like brave soldiers triumph in war. Crislo Employment Agency is a business that is adept in the facet of employment services; proffering domestic aid for people in need.

Crislo Employment Agency, eponymous to its founder, Miss Cristie Low, was initiated in 1995. Miss Low was staunched to make a change in the entrepreneurial world by warping a stratospheric entrepreneurship, which would remain in the heads of people for generations. “Most importantly, I wanted to contribute to the society. As I see a lot of potential in this particular industry, I decided to join it’ Miss Low elucidated. As the world is transcending into the 21st century during Crislo Employment Agency’s initiation, the society started booming and proliferating as a result. “The world is starting to get more hectic, and the need of a domestic helper seems prevalent for most families’: Miss Low dictated.

It is without doubt an idiosyncratic entrepreneurship venture; the proffering of human aid. Humans, being sentient, biological objects are harder to propagate due to this characteristic. “Unlike a business that concentrates on lust selling a particular product, we have to find suitable, fitting domestic helpers for appropriate employers. There are many factors involved in this industry, and things do not always work out right. We received many complaints from clients at start!’ Miss Low replied with much candor. “Every customer does have their expectations, of course. Unfortunately, it is hard to meet their expectations, as we are not providing an object. Domestic helpers have their own qualities as well, and it is hard to change them overnight to meet our clients’ needs!’ Miss Low added on.

As the business gets underway, Miss Low was soon able to grasp the perplexing requisites to conquer all these hitches. “I believe it’s all about understanding. We have to understand our clients and domestic helpers’ mindset in order to get the best out of every trade. It is all about patience and experience, both are important qualities to understand the mindsets of our clients and domestic helpers. We were able to counsel them from this standpoint, and as a result we are able to ease out all the bumps in our entrepreneurial path:’ an astute businesswoman. Miss Low regarded. “Hiring a domestic helper is similar to introducing a new family member which might remain in their lives for years or even decades. We do understand how remarkable it is for clients to hire domestic helpers to aid them in life. This is why we are resolute in providing honest and great service for our clients’: Miss Low distinguished why Crislo Employment Agency is at fore of the industry. “We are also prideful to offer our services with full transparency to our customers, as we know, Honesty is the best policy’

Nothing beats the satisfaction when you know what you are doing is going a long way to enrich the lives of people. Said Miss Low: “I am certainly happy to start my own entrepreneurship. Domestic helpers come from poor backgrounds, their joy and gratitude to me for helping them start their career in Singapore motivates me and pushes me on to soar for greater heights!’ Undisputed, through her entrepreneurial venture, Miss Low was also able to contribute back to the society. “Many clients have become friends after patronizing us’ Nothing marks Crislo Employment Agency’s success other than the satisfaction of its customers. This form of success had also helped the company in profusions to attain greater heights; Crislo Employment Agency managed to make its way across the border, into Malaysia.

“For me, entrepreneurship is not just about yourself. Entrepreneurship is a selfless process of unleashing your abilities and talent. Entrepreneurship lets you contribute back to the society. Through entrepreneurship, I had also managed to provide many opportunities and careers for others. Lastly, entrepreneurship is also an open window of opportunity, for one to work hard and make a mark for himself.’ Miss Low defined her prolific entrepreneurship journey. When asked what is her source of motivation and inspiration, Miss Low rejoined: “I was a stock market victim before starting out Crislo Employment Agency. I was determined not to succumb to failure, and decided to start my own entrepreneurship to get back on my feet:’ Miss Low is certainly elated; to see how far her entrepreneurial attempt has went. With more than 17 employees, Crislo Employment Agency had metamorphosed in multitudes since it started.

Miss Low then spelled out the required qualities for a person to be successful in entrepreneurship: “I believe he needs to be hardworking. Tolerance is also very important, the ability of not being afraid of failure, along with the strength of being able to get back up when met with failure’ Miss Low adjourned, “Entrepreneurship is a tough process, a good entrepreneur must not be afraid to go through hardship. He must also possess the right attitude, he must pack the optimism and sincerity to others:’ Miss Low then advocated young people wanting to start their own business. “Learn your basics, build your foundation, and be firm on your feet first before you start anything. Don’t try to fly when you don’t know how to walk. Success does not happen overnight, so don’t give up easily!’

As aforementioned, Crislo Employment Agency has already managed to break through all hurdles and establish itself across the border, in Malaysia. “Currently, we are concentrating locally, and we are trying to expand island wide and provide a better prospect to our clients and domestic helpers:’ With such a supreme leader at fore, Crislo Employment Agency shall be able to fulfill its onus and goal of leaving a mark in generations to come.

Crislo, awarded with Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2011!