As the modern society gets more hectic and fast paced everyday, hiring a domestic worker seems to be an astute choice. Despite so, there are multitudes of intricacies waiting to be unfurled when hiring a domestic worker. With so many prerequisites and specialties to be fulfilled, proffering domestic helpers to the general public is not as easy as most ventures in entrepreneurship. Nevertheless, great men rejoice in adversity, just like brave soldiers triumph in war. Crislo Employment Agency is a business that is adept in the facet of employment services; proffering domestic aid for people in need.

Crislo Employment Agency, eponymous to its founder, Miss Cristie Low, was initiated in 1995. Miss Low was staunched to make a change in the entrepreneurial world by warping a stratospheric entrepreneurship, which would remain in the heads of people for generations. “Most importantly, I wanted to contribute to the society. As I see a lot of potential in this particular industry, I decided to join it’ Miss Low elucidated. As the world is transcending into the 21st century during Crislo Employment Agency’s initiation, the society started booming and proliferating as a result. “The world is starting to get more hectic, and the need of a domestic helper seems prevalent for most families’: Miss Low dictated.

It is without doubt an idiosyncratic entrepreneurship venture; the proffering of human aid. Humans, being sentient, biological objects are harder to propagate due to this characteristic. “Unlike a business that concentrates on lust selling a particular product, we have to find suitable, fitting domestic helpers for appropriate employers. There are many factors involved in this industry, and things do not […]