Christie Low, the founder of Crislo Employment Agency, is a workaholic; having a desire to make a living on her own in Singapore. For the past 20 years, she has worked in a Japanese firm, as a sales coordinator following by doing fashion business. Approximately for about 4 years. In 1993, she went into stock investing. Unfortunately, she did not manage to gain any returns – she did not give up on this setback, instead without any prior experiences, she decides to operate an employment agency. Its first flagship is located at People’s Park Complex.

With friends’ support, Miss Cristie Low the founder for Crislo Employment Agency Pte Ltd (established in December 1995) has begun its journey unexpectedly gaining a lot of awareness. Going through experience that she had in investment, she decides to learn from the basic. Her dreams were to help others, however this could not be the only reason for sustainability of a business.

Yet, she did not experience fruit of the labour, she began to meet tacky issues such as shortage of maids / workers and clients which are the main products of an agency. Cristie started to visit door-to-door, looking for people who need hiring. Gradually, with her commitment, professionalism and trustworthy has increases her client’s base. It is her passion that keeps her going during difficult situations at times.

She started interviewing for employees (maids), examine through their profile – “We are in the services industry, and this is the criteria that people are concern with.” Besides this, the competency of them is crucial, as they […]