About Us

Our 20 years of excellence service speaks it all!


CRISLO is the trusted source for the provision of foreign domestic labour.

As a recruitment agency, we deploy maids from the Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, India, Sri Lanka and other parts of Asia.

Our broad reach allows for scrupulous selection of good domestic helpers from around the region, employed by both locals and expatriates.

We match-make each worker’s best ability to suit the customer’s requirement.

We strive and build a long-term relationship with all our customers.

We enrich the lives and enhance warm relationships by the services we provide.



  1. Our strict and extensive training programs prepare our maids to meet the challenges and demands of Singapore families.
  2. Whether housework, looking after our loved ones, babies or our elderly parents, you will find that our maids are well trained to meet the tasks.
  3. They are taught to obey instructions, be humble, and loving to your children and family.
  4. Our maids are selected not only considering their skills but also their ability to understand our cultural differences and responsiveness.